Bragging Rights?

"The Storm"

The phone rang at 8:00 am on Sunday morning!  It was my son, Angelo, ringing.

I bolted for my phone and my husband said, “Why are you running, let it go, it is Sunday morning?”

As I bolted like a deer running from a drunken hunter my husband shouted,”What is wrong?  Who is it?”

In a shaken voice I yelled back to my husband with a scared questioning, “It is Angelo?”

My husband calmer but questioning shouts, “The Storm?”

My wonderful husband gives everyone a nickname.  Our son is “The Storm”, our daughter, Lena is “Trouble” you all know I am “Lucy”, a few others  “Mental Case” and the list goes on, it is his way of joking or describing or having fun or …….

Anyway, I grab the phone and manage “What?”

Angelo is taken a back by my answer, “Mom?  Are you okay?  You sound out of breath and, are you mad?”

I assess his voice and he sounds safe but I am still not sure?

I snap, “Is everything alright?  It is Sunday,8:00 am?  Why are you calling?”


Thank you God!!!  He Laughs!!  This means all is good!

Angelo with delight in his voice goes on to explain, “Mom, the time difference?  I knew you and Dad would be up and I get up now too.” Intimating he is older,wiser,dare I say growing up?

He continues “I wanted to call and tell you, how excited I am.  You know how I am on Law Review?

I insert a quick,”Yeah”

Angelo rattles on, “Well, there is 30 of us who write and only 8 get chosen to be published.  I am one of the 8.  Mom, I am getting published!!  This is really good.”

I congratulate him, tell his father who of course asks if he is getting paid?  Angelo laughs and says “No, but I do get scholarship money.”  His Dad is happy with that answer.

We of course are so proud of him and tell him and I assure him I will pass the news onto his Grandparents.  We giggle that his Grandmother will take credit and call him “Her Angelo” and she did.  We joke that she will bring up his Great Great Aunt that always claimed he was a genius and she did!

It was a good phone call!  A happy, proud moment.

It is funny how parents love to ‘take credit’ for the good or have ‘bragging rights’ but if he would have been in trouble?  Well, it would have been all his fault!

Things like this would be said, “We did our best and we have no idea why things went wrong?”  Friends and family would say, “Yeah, at some point you can only do so much and it is up to them and they have to take responsibility.”  Those are typical “off the hook” statements!

But, bragging rights are fine!!  We love bragging rights!!  You get to hear, “You did a great job, you should be so proud of yourselves and him” and so on.

Now when trouble arrives?  We stand by them, hell yes, but not take the blame,exactly?  Funny how that works!

Anyway,today is bragging rights and we are proud of “The Storm”!


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