Braided Crown Hairstyle

In the commercial for her debut album Pure Heroine, Lorde has a Cute Braided Crown hairstyle. I love that her hair is slightly frizzy and the fly-a-ways haven't been tamed. It reflects a realistic person's hair (like mine!). This updo is simple to create; basically it's just a Dutch Braid circling the head.          

Lorde, taken from Tennis Court Video


 Braided Crown Hairstyle


  1. Create a deep part on the right side of the head.
  1. Pick up hair about 2 inches from the hairline at the part and start a rope (basic) braid.
  1. Begin picking hair up from the sides !
  1. Cross the Middle strand over the left side
  1. Now pass the middle strand (originally the left strand) over the right side
  1. Continue the Dutch braid around the head.
  1. Near the right ear you will run out of hair, when this happens finish the braid. (Pass the middle strand over the strands on the sides without picking up any hair.) Secure with a small hair elastic.
  1. Wrap the braid around the head behind the start of the braid, tuck under the first braid as much as possible. (You can see in the video that Lorde has a double braid on the top of her head.)
  1. Use bobby pins to secure hair in place. Sprits with hairspray.


We have fun with this hairstyle and add hair pins with jewels. The decorated pins are not really securing the hair, just place in strategic places that will be seen.

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Orginally Posted On Livin' La Vida Loca (1/28/14)

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