Braids are Hot and So is Cozy’s Braid Bar

Braid Bar1 Once considered the go-to simple hairstyle for long-haired girls ten and under, braids are making a sophisticated comeback in a big way. Celeb trend setters like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato have been seen rocking braids on the red carpet, on tour, and all around town—proving that the basic braid is a thing of the past!

Fashionistas have given adults the OK to borrow this look from little girls, but don’t let celebs have all the fun. In celebration of the braid trend, I’m pleased to announce the newest addition to my salons, Cozy’s Braid Bar!
Let our staff of professional stylists create the perfect plait for your little trendsetter.

From the traditional French braid to the sophisticated (and practical!) headband braid, Cozy’s Cuts for Kids Braid Bar is your one-stop-shop for the most gorgeous braided hairstyles. Stop by and check out our braid look book, and let your little lady pick out her favorite braid. (And yes, grown-up girls are also welcome.)

The braid trend works great with this year’s other hot trends, hair feather and tinsel extensions. Woven through a braid, feathers and tinsel add an extra pop of color and style.

3 BraidsStop by the Braid Bar and walk out with a gorgeous, feminine, amazing braid today. Perfect for special occasion, and fun for moms and daughters!

(During the busy holiday season, I recommend calling for an appointment first.)



Braid Bar 2Cozy’s Braid Bar is located at all three Manhattan Locations. Click here for phone numbers and locations.