The Brat Summit

The Brat Summit held by Scott Walker today in Maple Bluffs Wisconsin.

Last week, governor Scott Walker offered a bipartisan picnic invitation to his government colleagues at his acceptance speech.  Today the “Brat Summit” is taking place in Maple Bluffs Wisconsin.  The party was set to begin at 3:00 and as of last count estimate by Fox News, there were about a hundred people attending, both Democrats and Republicans. 

Of course there are protestors there.  The opposition is claiming he is holding the party as a media stunt.  

Walker stated at his acceptance speech that he wanted to have both parties together in a relaxing atmosphere for some good food and beer after what has been a grueling political battle for both parties involved.

Scott Walker is the first person to be brought up for a recall election and be re-elected.  Not only did he beat Mayor Tom Barrett once, but he beat him twice.  And the second time Walker won over Barrett by a wider margin than the first election. 

What does this say about Wisconsinites and how we feel about our government?  

In my opinion, it says that we are fed up.  We are tired of the protestors who stormed our capital in Madison, took up residence and damaged the building.  

We are tired of the people who have the time to spend day and night sleeping in tents and saying they are protesting.  Why don’t they have jobs?  Because they are too busy protesting. 

Yes, we said we are sick of how unions are pricing jobs out of Wisconsin.  We can’t continue with threatened closures of big companies that employ cities of people.  Think Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac a few years ago.  

We need a businessman to run the country.   

The people have spoken and We Stand With Scott Walker.  

Now he is trying to soothe things out by uniting both parties over food and beer, all made in Wisconsin.  What better way to bring people together? 

Three cheers Governor Walker!  


Stand with Scott

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