A Brat's Past and Present: Too Close to Home

It takes a lot to make me cry.  Not that I’m a “tough ol’ broad” or thick skinned.  I’m neither.   I am just rarely sad.  On Facebook today, I saw photos of my brother-in-law, Rob, in full Army uniform with his fist tightly wrapped around the handgrip of a large, sophisticated gun.  Just under the visor of his camouflage cap, his eyes could be seen, looking intensely through the scope.  I stared at his white knuckled hand, his eyes, his focus.  I clicked forward to see the rest of the pictures of his unit and saw another picture of Rob being fitted with body armor by a member of the Singapore army.  I wondered if the vest would protect him from a weapon such as the one he was holding in a previous frame. READ MORE at http://www.amymusings.com/2009/07/17/a-brats-past-and-present-too-close-to-home/


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