Bread Addiction Sux

                  I hate bread....Why am I so addicted? It has been so hard because I am not like some that afford the food that you need to succeed. I eat sandwiches and the such because I can afford it. I have thin people around me that do not want to do the diet thing and I cant afford two different meal plans and the fact that I am the cook. I have to make what they like and then suffer through the smell of the wonderful food that I am making so I can stay alive. I was watching Dr. Oz and he had a Dr. Joel Fuhrman on and he was talking that if you make ninty percent of your food veggies and the such that you will no longer need meds. I want to do it but I need to find an affordable way to do so.

                    If anyone has done this Eat To Live plan please let me know how it went and your secrets on how to make these things taste good. I want to make things work out so I can finally break the "Crap on Myself" cycle and get on with my life. I want to believe that I deserve it and that God wants this for me and I want all the prayers that yall can send my direction. Thank you in advance for them.

                     I have a rant..My best friend is getting weight loss surgery next week and I am jelous...She has only been large for a short while and can lose it on her own but wants this crutch. She keeps saying that I cant but I know for a fact that she can. I lost fifty lbs. a couple of years ago before the diabetes. I ate what I wanted and just made the portions smaller. With insulin that is not a possiblity. The insulin takes what I eat and turns it into fat....It seems like a neverending battle. She has the ability to do this on her own and I will struggle. I want to be happy for her but I cant when she needs to fight for her kids more than she needs this surgery. She has not been able to see her kids in a long while and well she has had the money on countless occations to get a lawyer to get her visitation reinstated. Just like now the surgery she is going to get in Mexico is going to cost 4,500 dollars....she could take that and get her kids but does not bother. Mind you she has not been able to see her kids in eight years and when she gets money she blows it...What is more important...being skinny or having your kids. I love her and I want to pop her one but how can you make stubborn listen. The point of this rant is where is the fairness in what I have to struggle with in comparison to a person that does not deal with responsiblity and can get what they want.

                     Yall please forgive me for saying these things. I need to be thankful for what I have and not worry about what others are getting in life.....what is ment to be will be and I have to be patient with God's plan for my life.


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