Bread Spread?

Oh, joy.

I just got a call from Honda. My minivan’s “check engine” light was not indicating a minor something. It was indicating a major something. Namely my CO2 sensor and catalytic converter have both gone to live with Jesus. The cost, for parts and labor, will be about one thousand smackaroos. That is more clams than I would like to produce from my particular estuary.

Again with the oh, joy.

The repairs coincide, OF COURSE, with Lilo’s 9th birthday. Also with the deposit for house repairs that are happening this summer, because why not. Did I mention the water that is leaking behind the wood trim of our house and the caulking that must be done? Or the leak around the skylight? Yeah. Fun times.

On the plus side, those are all things and materialistic shit is something that can be dealt with, so I have much more to be grateful for than pouty about.

Nevertheless, I would appreciate it if y’all would help out by pimping my books & blog subscription. If you would be so kind as to share the good word about Betty Fokker: Feminism, Fat, and Fokking, my blog subscription, and Sylvia Ketrie’s Tempted By Infamy then The Fokker would be mightily thankful and would rain down her Papal blessings upon you like confetti.

Hmmmm … if you are disseminating information as a form of fundraising, is this a bread spread?

That reminds me, while I am on the subject of books and pleading on my knees anyway – can y’all show the love via a review or two? There are no Amazon reviews for my Fokker Book whatsoever, and only one for the blog. Sylvia has 4 (all of which I am profoundly happy about) but more is better when it comes to reviews. Unless you hate my writing. Please feel free to keep that between you and me.

Now, I’m off to pour some amaretto in my milk. 

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