Break from Blogging: Taking a Break Without Losing Your Audience

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Heather Hetchler, Deesha Philyaw, Carolyn Edgar

Bloggers could blog 24/7 and then some. Between writing, commenting, posting, vlogging, learning new apps, monitoring the apps we are using and life in general... our blogging career can be consuming. Sometimes we have a scheduled break like vacation, family wedding, etc... and sometimes it is unexpected... family crisis, blogger burnout, relational issues.

This session will take the fear out of taking a break from blogging and give the audience the tools they need to keep their blog moving while they are away and/or tips on how to announce to their readers that they are taking a break.

Many of us talk with each other "off line" regarding how worn out we get blogging yet we fear taking a break. The time blogging takes can really take its toll on family, marriage, life in general. This session will talk about the reality of blogging long term and how to refresh and recharge to continue on. Three women who have taken a break from blogging will share what they did right and wrong and lead a discussion on this important topic. Thanks for considering.

Thanks for considering us and this topic.

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