Break from a Break

Well hello.

I know, I know. It's been forever. There are a few reasons I haven't written. I'm sure you can guess some of them (I'm in France, bitch!). My aunt passed away less than a week after I arrived in France. I felt really guilty about not being there and it was extremely hard to get through that first day by myself surrounded by people barely even knew me, let alone my aunt. In the weeks that have followed I think I'm adjusting well. I've found a good group of friends who keep me busy and don't mind when I just need to be alone.

France has been amazing. I'm staying in Angers but so far I've visited Saumur, Tours, Chenonceau, Normandy, Caen, Brittany, the Mont St. Michel, and a few other places. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.



Not coordinated enough to rope walk on my own...
Paparazzi outside our dorm
Snow in Angers!
At the birthplace of Triple Sec in Saumur.
Every single hot chocolate I've had in France has been better than any from the US!
I lit the middle candle for my aunt Terri at Saint-Gatien's Cathedral in Tours
Chateau d'Angers
Saint-Gatien's Cathedral in Tours
The walk to the Chateau de Chenonceau
Chateau de Chenonceau
Chateau de Chenonceau
Terrifying/awesome picture someone drew on my door's whiteboard.

I'm actually blogging (however infrequently) about it here on Tumblr as part of my follow-on project for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (one of the scholarships I spent a lot of my trip to the Keys working my ass off for back in October - I ended up getting $3,000 from them!). You can check out the few entries I have up there but I'll probably just post them over here too from now on. I feel bad for neglecting you, little blog.

Finally, let me just leave you with this:

Not quite a Music Monday, but good enough for now!


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