Break out the Margaritas's!

Viva! Cinco de Mayo!
Do you know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the US? Some people seem to think that Cinco de Mayo, May 5th is a celebration of Mexico’s Independence from Spain.  

Not true, Mexico declared Independence from Spain on September 15th 1810. Now that we have cleared that up, on May 5th, 1862 in Pueblo Mexico the Mexican army of 4,000 soldiers defeated the French Army of 8,000. 

Definitely a cause for celebration, however another reason it should be celebrated in the US is that while the French were busy fighting in Mexico, French Emperor Napoleon III was unable to send troops to assist the Confederate army in their war against the Union army. As a result, the US was able to receive much needed supplies and continue to build the Union army, a force to be reckoned with. 

Fourteen months after the French defeat in Mexico, the Union army won the decisive battle at Gettysburg, which ultimately leads to the end of the civil war. 

Cinch De Mayo is not only about winning in battle, but more importantly about mankind’s continuing fight for freedom, justice and independence, truly cause for celebration! 

There are so many great foods you can prepare to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, and I have posted a number of Mexican recipes over the last year, here are a few of them: 

Tacos with Black Bean, pork and fresh spinach posted or replace the pork with fish; yes fish tacos are really delicious!!!

Chili Relleno Appetizer, you can also serve as a main dish, toss in some chicken or beef.

Fresh Fruit Salsa with grilled Chicken.

Break out the Margarita’s, I like mine on the rocks with a slice of lime, never blended and of course your favorite Mexican Cerveza! 

Salud! Kary

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