Change the World | Cyberbullying Isn't Just for Teens: What to Do if You're the Victim of Trolls, Haters... and Worse (Room 6B)

Sad but true: women in our community encounter trolls on the internet pretty regularly. Sometimes we shine it on; sometimes we speak out. Sometimes we’re so used to it we dismiss it altogether. “Ignore the trolls,” as we like to say at BlogHer. But what if harassment crosses the line into something that should not be dismissed? When does a troll become a stalker, and what can you do about it? This is not a session about what we should do to protect our privacy or set boundaries. It’s about what to do when enough is enough. What do the authorities need? Which authorities should you call? What does and does not cross the line for different authorities (local, federal, etc.) Erin Kotecki Vest moderates a discussion with Andrea Weckerle, Autumn Sandeen, and Shellie Ross about what to do and what to expect.