Break seal in case of Emergency

How many times have you been in the situation where an emergency occurred while you were out? If you had a flat tire, there was a spare in the truck.  Needed a jump? Jumper cables are at the ready, in the trunk. So tell me why you don’t have an emergency kit in your trunk for sex? 

I know what you are thinking. “Girl, I got an extra pair of panties in the glove compartment.”

That is miner, everyday emergency. You know, wet your pants after laughing too hard, started your period, or your panties are riding up your butt.

In the right hand corner of my car’s trunk is a travel suitcase.  Inside it is five small baskets with lids on them, each a different color.

The red basket has what most people would consider the basics.

A pair of panties

Two condoms

A wet nap

A pack of gum

A comb

Cheap perfume

I know what you are saying, “Girl, you can put that in your purse.” 

This is another lesson I had to learn.

See what happened was…

It was a nice night to go out with the sistas. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, or too windy. We stepped out for a few drinks, to dance a little and most of all, eat chicken wings. It was Marigold who made the decision to go to the midnight show of an art show a few doors down.

How was I to know that a guy I kicked it with a few years out of high school would be there also? I would like to say that the love from so many years ago leaped from our hearts and jumped across the room.  There wasn’t love there the first time and there will not be love there now. 

He saw me as I tried my best not to make eye contact with he and he come over to our table. I couldn’t remember his name.

“Hello.” He said extending his hand out to me.  “Don’t you remember me? I’m Lou.”

Lou! Just remembering his name brought back memories of sex in some of the strangest places and me screaming out only “ooooooo!!!”

My sisters’ eyes nearly fell out of their head.  I know what they were thinking, how could someone as cute as he was, be interested in someone like me.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My night out with my sisters soon became a mini date.  He gave all of us drinks, told us about each and every picture. In short he won them over as if he had an application in for the job. He even told me that one was flirting with him.

The night came to an end and the sisters wanted to make a few more stops.

“I want to take you to see the new art work I’m working on.” He took my hand leading me to the other side of the room.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks-I was his muse.

The sisters and the rest of the crowd slowly left, leaving the two of us alone.

“How can I …How can I have you back as my inspiration.” He kissed my lips as he placed my hand in-between the middle of his legs.


Oh how so much came rushing back into my memory banks.  Lou rode a motor cycle, drew wonderful paintings and had a body member that touched his knees when it was relaxed.

“Let me have you for just one more night.” Lou asked with his hand on top of mine helping and enjoying the massage.

“I don’t know. I mean you and I haven’t seen each other in how many years?” I said.  I can tell you, I would have jumped at the change to ride that one more time, if I was younger, but now I don’t think I can handle that.

“Give me a second, please, wait here for me.” He stood up and walked into towards the door leading to the back. “Don’t go.”

I sat there wondering what I should do.  I have a change to have my eyes roll back into my head, my body shake uncontrollable with pleasure and have the lower part of my body satisfied for at least a month on flashbacks along. I could also be more of a so called woman about it and let him date me, feed me, and take me out to finally meet his mother again.

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