Breakfast, Featuring Keynote: The Intersection of Brands, Bloggers, Ethics, and Opportunity

Food is a universal topic…everyone eats, which means everyone buys food. BlogHer sees this in action, with Food the highest-trafficked vertical in our Network, and with food-oriented creatives often inspiring the highest engagement. We’re not alone. While other blogging segments might be the focus of more intense scrutiny and attention, recent moves in the online media space validate that big media outlets see value and opportunity in food content and campaigns. Food bloggers are in the enviable catbird seat…as a key bridge between brands and their consumers. Food bloggers are also a little hard for companies to categorize…not quite just customers, journalists, or marketers, but often some hybrid combination. BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins leads this conversation with veteran food bloggers Elise Bauer and Jaden Hair, and brand reps Alicia McGlamory (Masterbuilt) and Cassidy Stockton (Bob's Red Mill). The goal: to help you understand how we can all work together, and understand your place in this brave new marketplace, whether or not you like to play with brands.