Breakfast Featuring BlogHer Co-Founders & a Pioneer Presentation by Diane Cu and Todd Porter



Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder
Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer Co-Founder
Lisa Stone, BlogHer Co-Founder
Diance Cu, White on Rice Couple
Todd Porter, White on Rice Couple

Lisa: Who's using social media? Women in social media spends 50% of time in blogs and social networks. Women in US control or influence 85% of household purchases. When growing readership you should go after women using social media.

Elisa: People choose to come to BlogHer to meet new people, connect, and learn new skills.

Pioneer Presentation

Todd: Thanks to BlogHer for the event and having us here. If you see a BlogHer staff, give them a hug!

Photo Credit: Danielle Tsi.

Diane: It's overwhelming for us to be here. The biggest thank you for us is to all of you. We never thought we'd be here! Thank you. We started this for fun and it has grown into this great thing. It's a dream come true to be up here. When BlogHer asked us to share what we love and to share with you all we were happy to. What we all do is similar. We think about food, and what we want to post on the blog. However, why we do this is completely different. We think about why we are doing this. We are all bloggers, but we are all different people. What we do is the same, but why we do it is different.

Todd: You'll be amazed at the talent that everyone has. Everyone has a unique talent.

Diane: Don't try and compete with other people, just do what you do. We like writing about recipes, but we like to make a bond beyond the food. There has to be a story behind the recipes and the blog. We love that we bond with the people on the blog, not just the recipe. The meaning of food is different for everyone. Rarely is it about the plated dish. What is it about the dish or the person?

Todd: There are so many layers behind food. From how we share it, Communities, what it means to us. It inspires passion in all of us.

Diane: When sharing a story, we always think beyond the plated dish. When writing a recipe, we think about the celebration behind the dish.
Food is about nourishing and comfort.

Todd: That mother that has to feed everyone. How many of us, feed people to death when they come over? It's all about us nourishing and comforting others. This is what makes food special.

Diane: We think about the food, and how that makes up the person. It's all beyond the plate. That's the person's story. Food is about sharing and connecting. You can help people connect by sharing a meal with them. Especially sharing a dish with someone, and not worrying about germs and just sharing.

Todd: Being with someone you've never met at a dinner and you share a bite of their dinner. And now you have created a bond with this person.

Diane: Food is most importantly about friendship. The best friendships we've forged over the past few years is because of food and BlogHer. We've met people that even if we didn't have the food blog, we would still be friends.

Todd: Food is also about the process, and how you ground yourself. Food can be all about your journey, and how you feel at that moment and deal with life. The smells and sensations of food can bring joy into your life. This is why we do what we do.

Diane: The story isn't always about the plated dish. The step by step can say more than the plated dish.

Todd: If people put of photos of the process, it can help you feel like you are in the kitchen with them and connecting with them.

Diane: In the end, your food story is unique. WE don't think about content, more just the story. What do we see every day? We know this is unique and this is what we believe in.

Todd: Each of us has our own story. Either where we've been or where we're going. What's your story? Grew up in NE Oregon on a cattle ranch. Hard winters. Rancher dad, old school way. Having horses and a dad that was a cowboy is what's special for me and is my story. My grandmother was also a huge influence in my life. This is part of my backstory and what allows me to connect with others.

Diane: Todd thinks about growing up, his grandmother and what she likes to make. A lot of time you see a reflection of his grandmother's cooking. For me, the stories and recipes I like to share is a representation of me. I come from a family of 6. Born in Vietnam. We always shopped at thrift stores. Mom wanted us to dress the same. When I think of food, I think about sharing. Not for one or two. When I need something to write about or inspiration I turn to photos of me and my siblings. When you go on the blog I love doing the first cut of videos it's really special to me. I'm in my own world when I'm doing my editing. I love searching for the right sound and music for the videos. For me, a theme for this conference could be, who are you? Talk with other people around you and share what is unique about you? Hopefully you were all able to share about your family stories and traditions. This is what will make your recipes unique. Maybe you talk about struggles, personal triumphs, where you are. These can all be stories you share and will help people feel like they are with you. We are proud of our garden. How can we share the garden's story differently. How can we share the story of our garden? Then we thought, let's share the garden's story through the perspective of our dog. Believe in your story. People sometimes don't think the story is good enough to share, or uncomfortable with sharing. You have to believe in your story. Don't compare yourself, your photographs, or stories to others. Do what's important to you and what you believe in.

Todd: There's never too many beautiful things in the world. Believe in who you are and what you share.

Diane: Sometimes the best blogs are the authentic ones that aren't perfect. There is a story within this. If you see a crumb, or the food isn't plated perfectly. There's a story there. For us, we just want to share who we are and to share our recipe story. It's not about the gear. The best gear you have is your eyes and your heart.

Todd: Life is about capturing moments with your heart and paying attention to the details. Things we do with photography is now a part of their life.

Diane: The phone can allow you to capture moments that resonate perfectly. It's not about the fancy camera or staged photos. Have a personal project. Private life personal projects will help you with your blog. These projects can help you with your blog.

Todd: So much time is about getting content, but do something that you do for you. Even if you aren't planning to share it.

Diane: Never think something isn't good enough. You never know what the project will mean to you. Look beyond the obvious. Create a life recipe. Create your vision board.

Todd: It's all about feeling life through the fullest.

Diane: Now share your story with the world and others who are here!