Breakfast May Not be Your Most Important Meal of the Day

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Apologies to everyone who has been reluctantly scrambling up eggs in the morning because they were told that skipping breakfast could affect their ability to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  Turns out that research shows this may not be the case at all.  The New York Times reports that findings concluded that, "missing breakfast has either little or no effect on weight gain, or that people who eat breakfast end up consuming more daily calories than those who skip it."

Yay!  I'll stop feeling guilty about skipping that most important meal of the day.


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I've never liked breakfast, and often feel ill if I eat within the first three hours of waking up.  I feel best when I eat closer to what is considered lunch time.  I'll have a yogurt around 11 am and then a salad at 1 pm, straddling that noon lunch hour with a meal on either side; one that I count as breakfast and one that I count as lunch.

Back when I was younger, I forced myself to eat upon awakening because I was worried that skipping breakfast would mess up my metabolism, but none of those articles ever addressed those of us who wake up and don't feel hungry until mid-day.  Of course it would be problematic if I was withholding food from my body and my body clearly craved it.  But what about bodies that politely say "no, thank you" to food for the first few hours?  I only started giving my body what it needed a few years ago when I rejected the idea that skipping breakfast would lead to my metabolic downfall.

How do you feel about breakfast, and will these studies refuting the importance of breakfast make you rethink your morning routine?

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