Breaking Down-the thing we all dread!

A couple of days ago I was on my way to work and was stopped at a red light in heavy traffic and then it happened. My car shut off. There I was in the left hand lane of this four lane highway and I cringed. I could feel myself going   starting to go into a panic attack. I knew I was supposed to have roadside assistance so I dialed the number from my cell phone.The voice said press 1 if you need roadside assistance so I pressed 1,then,the voice said invalid response and I was then disconnected,Yikes!  Before that I had called my boss to say I would be late because I was broke down.She said she would see if the maintenance man could come help.While I was waiting for him it was lucky  that an off duty policewoman showed up in her patrol car and offered assistance.

        Now the maintenance man has also showed up .He gets out his jumper cables ,but no luck ,the car still won't start.So we figure out how to get the car in neutral( I have a foreign car).The off duty policewoman says," I 'll push with my tow bar to get you off the road while you steer.She then said,"Let's go the light is green!" I was able to head towards the far right turn lane to turn into a shopping center,but now I lose the ability to steer and since the cop lady was pushing from behind with her car I then hit the curb! Oh my goodness! So next,the maintenance man gets out  of his truck and pushes me into the parking lot by a restaurant.Whew! At least I am off that busy road and out of the way somewhat. Next, a  restaurant employee who was outside smoking at the time walks over  to ask if he can help. So him and the maintenance man push me to a safe parking spot. So  after that I then ask the maintenance mand if he can give me a ride to work since we were both going to the same place.

      When I arrived at work everyone was concerned  and asking if I was ok and where was my car.A coworker even offered to take me home after work which would be 11 miles out of her way.I protested ,but she insisted. So that's what happened that day!

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