Breaking Up With Mark...Sanchez


Dear Mark,

I was going to write a love letter telling you not to let any of the "ass kissing" jokes, retirement of Fireman Ed and 3rd string comments get to you. But as my Pandora plays “November Rain” in the background, I’ve thought about it-- I've been pretty supportive during this 3-almost-4-year relationship we've had, but I think we may need to take a break.

I can recall the first day I laid eyes on you like it was yesterday...September 13, 2009 - the day after my 21st birthday…OK -- maybe it's a little fuzzy. 

You made your starting QB debut and led the Jets to a 24-7 victory against the Texans and my god you looked good doing it. Jets Nation wasn't exactly hopeful for an amazing season that year but I had faith in you - for better or for worse right?  We had a good start the first 3 games, then came a rough patch with New Orleans and that damn hot dog incident. Seriously Mark? I know stadium hot dogs are good and all but can't you wait until after the game? Rookie mistake -- I let it slide. 

Well, we made it to the playoffs and at this point I was competing with every woman in the tri-state area for your attention. Understandably so, it's been a while since we had a nice tall dark and handsome QB to root for. (God knows Eli isn't revving any housewives’ engines.) But while everyone else was busy putting Sanchez jerseys on their Christmas lists, I decided to play hard to get and let you prove you're worth spending $100.00 on. 

The next season we had our ups & downs....

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