Breakout Reality TV Star: "Big Ang"

Okay, truth: There are more important things on the horizon to talk about for Women's History Month. The truth is, I've always profiled empowering and awesome trailblazers in past posts,but, today my intent and hopefully your reading pleasure centers upon a bit of entertaiment trivia; specifically on Angela Raiola.Okay, she is a woman and maybe her full name doesn't rang a bell? No worries...

Angela "Big Ang" Raiola has become the breakout star of Reality TV's "Mob Wives".This Italian is loud, boistorious and refuses to participate in all the drama that makes up these reality shows. Hmm, that's a first, wouldn't you agree?

 Although there are some reality shows I'm still not watching, both Basketball Wives & Mob Wives keep me glued to the boob tube. I'm watching,not so much for the drama, but, usually to identify some little nuance of certain cast members.

Take Royce Reed for instance on Basketball Wives. She seems genuine, a straight-shooter who is focused on her career; not sooo involved in the obvious backstabbing that goes on. Big Ang's decision to avoid all that ugliness defining the Mob Wives,plus her persona as peace maker is probably what makes her a breakout favorite.

Facts about Big Ang ( from segment on Wendy Williams Show)

1. 51 years old

2.Married to a Sanitation Worker

3.Had three breast enhancements

4.Had liposuction & lip injection-who knew?

5. Doesn't like all the drama...

Thanks Big Ang. I'll be watching!

Mob Wives Chicago debuts in the Spring...


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