Voice - The Value of Building Community

No blog is an island; some level of community exists in every corner of the Internet, on every niche blog. But if that community isn’t continually nurtured and maintained, can it thrive? Let’s talk about supporting and giving voice to your community, and how it’s beneficial to you as the community organizer and to the overall food blogging community. Elise Bauer, already running her leading food blog, created the Food Blog Alliance. Considered an expert at growing by giving back, Elise moderates a discussion with Kristen Doyle, from Dine and Dish, who also launched the Adopt a Blogger program and the group food photography site, Culinary Snapshot, Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman who started her own online community, Tasty Kitchen and Alaina Browne, founder and General Manager of group blog Serious Eats. They'll discuss the hows and whys of building your community. You may feel like your blog keeps you plenty busy on its own, but there's no denying the power and value of giving your community a bigger voice.