Change the World | BlogHer '11 International Activist Scholarship Winners (Room 6B)

Our third annual International Activist Blogger scholarship highlights the work of women who are galvanizing social change and social justice across their communities–and by the very public and distributed nature of the Internet–across the world. For some of them, this work is not without risk, yet still they continue. Because raising their voices is not a luxury or a whim or an option. It is a necessity.

We hope that every attendee can be inspired, right along with us, by the work of this year's impressive scholarship recipients. Cheryl Contee, founder of Jack & Jill Politics, moderates the conversation among this year's International Activist Scholarship Winners: Reem Abbas, from Sudan, publisher of I Have No Tribe, I'm Sudanese; Simone Leid, from Trinidad and Tobago, publisher of Women Speak: Women Tell Their Stories of Discrimination; and Yoani Sanchez, from Cuba, publisher of Generacion Y.  Perhaps their work can serve as a catalyst to activate each of us and our communities around the issues closest to our hearts.