Change the World | Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking, and Health (Room 6B)

The odds are stacked against kids today, when it comes to food. In this encore of a panel from last fall’s BlogHer Food conference, you’ll learn how some bloggers are out to change not only how kids think about food, but also what they’re eating. We'll discuss why kids face so many obstacles to eating healthy (some of the reasons may surprise you) and what you can do–in your home and in your community–to start to change the odds in our kids' favor.

Elaine Wu, from Virgo Blue (and BlogHer) moderates a discussion with Diana Johnson (aka DianasaurDishes), who is pulling a Jamie Oliver in her own community, and Laura Sampson from Hey, What's For Dinner Mom?, who helps parents strategize how to get their kids to eat more healthfully. Finally, this panel will feature Mrs. Q from Fed Up With School Lunch, the anonymous school employee who is documenting what it's like to eat just what the kids eat every single day for a year.