Vocation - Recipe Writing

The majority of food bloggers attending BlogHer Food include recipes in their blogging repertoire. What makes a good recipe? What assumptions can you make about the readers' cooking level, such as whether they know how to "fold" or "blanch"? What does it take to take your recipe-creation skills to the next level and actually be hired to be a recipe developer or tester? What are the challenges in creating recipes that are truly yours rather than those that are "inspired by" or "adapted from", and when is it worth the effort? And if you do so: Can you copyright a recipe to keep others from reposting it as their own? Join author Elana Amsterdam, who blogs at ElanasPantry.com, food editor Jennie Perillo, who writes at InJenniesKitchen.com and personal chef Gaby Dalkin, who pens WhatsGabyCooking.com to discuss the ins and outs of recipe writing.