Voice - Food Diplomats and Cuisine Ambassadors

As food bloggers, we can be profoundly inspired and renewed by the foods that make us each so different...foods we grew up with; foods that speak to our locality; foods that represent who we are as much as what we eat. These dishes represent our cultures, geography, ancestors, adopted philosophies and ethnic diversity. We write in ways that reflect our desire to preserve and share personal food memories and recipes. To pass them on, to our own families but also to introduce the foods we love to our readers who may not be familiar with them. Do you consider yourself a cuisine ambassador? Elaine Wu of Virgo Blue and BlogHer.com moderates this conversation with Donna Pierce from BlackAmericaCooks.com, Laura Beck from Vegansaurus.com and Srivalli Jetti, from Cooking 4AllSeasons, about how you can inspire others to enjoy a more diverse diet.