Change the World | Media Literacy: Today's Most Necessary Skill (Room 6B)

Back when some of us were growing up (cough cough), it was a lot easier to know who to trust. Because there weren’t that many sources to choose from. There were three networks and just a couple of national news-focused print properties. Of course, that news was produced almost exclusively by people who came from remarkably similar backgrounds and pedigrees. Now, you can find news and perspective broadcast from every corner of the earth, and produced by every possible demographic. Which is great. And overwhelming. And sometimes confusing. For us. And for our kids, who are growing up with this amazing panoply of information sources and choices. Knowing that misinformation, misleading pranks, and mistakes can be spread rapidly and globally, where corrections or retractions may never reach you, Jenn Pozner and Sofia Quintero will teach you how to validate a source, double-check the veracity of an item, and, perhaps most difficult of all, find context when it seems to be purposely withheld. Media literacy is a necessary life skill in this new information age. Get it. And hand it down to your kids.