Change the World | Malcolm Gladwell is Missing the Point: Revolutions are Happening Online (Room 6B)

Sure, social media may be “just a tool.” A communications tool. An organizing tool. A truth-exposing tool. A can’t-be-ignored tool. A global tool. A peaceful tool. An accessible tool. A barrier-breaking tool. It’s many tools in one, it’s even a floor wax. The point is: social media is being used for good, doing good, and accomplishing good every day, and it brings power to the people. The kind of power that changes laws, changes corporate policies, and even changes governments. Are there issues with what or who to trust? Can an action get out of hand? Can great numbers of people be satisfied with a "Twibbon" as their only form of “action"? Sure. But certainly there are hangers-on to any movement, more inclined to talk than walk. But social media is helping more people walk the walk of social change, and in this session you’ll hear some concrete examples. Cheryl Contee will moderate a conversation with some folks who have started some fires, including Dr. Goddess, Gina McCauley, and Katherine Stone.