Breast Implants, Why Not?

For anyone out there thinking about getting breast implants please don’t. When I was 21 years old my boyfriend at the time thought that it would be cool if I got breast implants. I had always been embarrassed by my breasts because I was a double D when I was 12, and somehow became a saggy A cup by 20.  I started considering getting implants and spoke with a friend about it. She told me she was thinking about getting them as well and we decided to do it together.

The whole process started with a brief consultation with the plastic surgeon. As if to make me feel terrible about myself he asked if I had nursed. One issue; I don’t have any kids and had never nursed children, but in my mind that closed the deal. If the plastic surgeon thought that my breasts looked terrible then I knew I had to have them fixed. He then went into what size I wanted my breasts to be. I chose a conservative C cup. We scheduled my surgery, and I patiently waited. All the while dreaming about how confident and amazing I would be with my new breasts.

Surgery day arrived and really wasn’t that bad. If going under the knife is what scares you about getting implants I assure you that will be the least of your problems. The doctor put me under general anesthesia and I woke up with new boobs. The most painful part of the process was the bandage they wrap around you to keep from swelling just after the surgery. After the surgery, I quickly noticed that something felt wrong in my right breast. The doctor told me to massage it because bands were forming, but it would be fine. A few weeks later, I felt like everything was ok except that my body was constantly sore.

What the doctor doesn’t tell you is that your back will always hurt. Nearly 10 years later my back hurts every day because my muscles and bones were not made to carry the extra weight. Forget running because not only is it extremely painful due to the softballs bouncing around your chest, but also makes you feel like you are going to fall over.  On top of that it is impossible to get comfortable if you like to sleep on your stomach.  Imagine stuffing water balloons down your shirt and trying to fall asleep on top of them, not comfortable. One other thing the doctor didn’t tell me, you have to have them changed every 10-15 years. Can’t wait to be 70 going in to get new implants…

Forget the idea that no one will know that you have implants. Even if the doctor tells you they will look natural, they will not feel natural at all. You might be thinking that this will only be an issue when it comes to intimacy, but it is something I struggle with every day. I am the type of person that hugs everyone. Since my surgery I have stopped because everyone, and I mean everyone, can tell you have implants the second you hug them. It’s not really an issue with your friends and family that already know you have them, but when you hug your boss, your boyfriends parents, a date for the first time it is extremely uncomfortable. I thought implants would make me more confident, instead it is something I am always embarrassed about.

All of my previous issues are annoying, but manageable. What isn’t manageable is that health issues that arise when you have a foreign bodies inserted into your body. As I explained before, something didn’t feel normal in my right breast. About three years ago, I started developing tumors in that breast, and have struggle with them ever since. Every six months I have to have an ultrasound to ensure they aren’t growing. On top of that when a new tumor pops up they have to do a biopsy to make sure it isn’t cancer. As much as I know that it is very unlikely for the tumors to be cancerous, the experience of waiting to find out is horrible.

The last time I went in for a biopsy they doctor told me that 4 out of the 5 women getting biopsied had implants. In my mind that means there is clearly a link between implants and developing tumors. I don’t know about you, to me it is definitely not worth it to have big boobs, but worry about your health. Side note on this, your insurance company can refuse to pay for any tests or treatments on your breast because you chose to have them altered. That includes breast cancer treatments if god forbid that should occur.  

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