Breastfeeding after a breast reduction

So a friend of mine, she will remain anonymous (HI FRIEND!!!!) told me the other day that she is preggers (I already knew hehe) and that she was looking forward to breastfeeding. (HURRAY!!!!) However, she is a little bit nervous due to having a breast reduction years ago. She told me that she has been reading up on breastfeeding and breast reductions, only to find some successful stories and some unsuccessful stories. So I told her that I would look into it and blog about it! So here I am....blogging!

Now there are reasons to why breastfeeding after a breast reduction simply is not possible. If the surgery left behind too much scar tissue, that would certainly get in the way. But as most Mummies who make Nummies know........ support in any breastfeeding situation, can make or break the relationship.


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