Breastfeeding and supplements

I am breastfeeding my daughter Kairi. Gracie, her big sister, was formula fed. I chose to breastfeed this time around for a number of reasons, but mostly because formula is just a hassle. You have to get up and out of bed, go all the way to the kitchen, make a bottle, feed it to your baby (which if yours is anything like mine was, there is going to be a large amount of that formula dribbling down her chin and into that weird crevice in the baby's neck - YECH!), burp your baby - and pray her spit up doesn't spray beyond the confines of the burp cloth (I eventually graduated to the receiving blankets we were no longer using.) then, when it's all said and done, you get to wash the bottle. Granted with formula feeding it's much easier to share the responsibility with your spouse. But breastfeeding really just sounded so much easier. And it has been. When Kairi wakes up, I pull her out of her bassinet (which is directly next to my bed) or pick her up from next to me (yes, I co-sleep from time to time, depending on how easily she wants to go to sleep and STAY asleep.) pop my boob out, she eats, and it's done. Sometimes I have to burp her, but most of the time she's fine. 

So, here's my problem. Every now and again I would like to be able to supplement formula. The day we got home from the hospital my husband and I came down with the flu. IT. WAS. AWFUL. I had zero desire to have a baby attatched to my breast, just in case I got the call to the bathroom. That, and I had no energy. So, I supplemented with the remaining bottles of pre-mixed formula the hospital demanded I bring home. It was a nice luxury to have.

Since then, there have been a couple occasions when I felt the need to supplement. It's extremely rare, but it happens from time to time. Anyway - after we ran out of the pre-mixed formula, I opened the diaper bag that the hospital sent home and it had the same kind of formula in it. So, I mixed up a small bottle. The first time I made her 2 oz. She gobbled it up and promptly went to sleep. Then? She vomited all over herself.

Now, let me take this time to clarify something. When I say that she vomited, that's exactly what I mean. She did not just spit up. There is no gagging when a baby spits up. My poor baby vomited every drop of that 2 oz. that I had given her. 

At that point in time I thought it must have been a fluke. Maybe I used water that was too warm, or I did something else wrong. About a week later, I tested my theory and tried again, this time only using 1 oz. More of the same. 

It's unfortunate, but apparently I am unable to supplement formula at all with my daughter. I guess it's a good thing that we both enjoy breastfeeding so much. 


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