Breastfeeding a Baby With Food Allergies

I saw this question on the CNN website. The pediatrician who answered did a great job going over all the different issues.  Here’s a link for the question and answer:

What’s tricky for some babies is that the foods that mom eats can lead to allergy symptoms in the baby that range from a red rash on their cheeks to blood in the stool.  Most moms need to talk to their Pediatric NP or Pediatrician to help decide whether an elimination diet is necessary.  If there is a family history, many families chose to use the hypo allergenic formulas from the beginning.  Breast milk has so many benefits that this has to be evaluated by a licensed professional.

Many babies will “grow out of allergies” if they are allowed a long time ( 3-6 months up to 2 years) without exposure to the offending food.  Some children who develop eczema or a skin rash from a food allergy will go on to develop asthma too.  My niece Amanda had an early allergy to milk proteins and had to be on a Soy formula.  She is now allergic to all nuts and has asthma.

In these cases, be sure to get advice from your health care provider.

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