Breastfeeding isn't just for hippies

When my husband asked his mother why she chose not to breastfeed 27 years ago she relpied, "formula was just the thing to do then". Apparently after talking to my own mom, she summed it up, both of my sisters and I were formula babies because, "Back then it was sort of for homeless people and hippies"!  At one time public opinion was, we could duplicate and improve a mother's milk.  Now we know how breast milk is almost magic.  It changes day to day based on what your baby needs. The benefits are endless.  Before I became pregnant, I myself, was squeemish about breastfeeding.  It just seemed awkward and something only in National Geographic.  

Let me start by saying, by no means do I condsider myself a pioneer or trendsetter. I would describe myself as a bandwagon breastfeeder gone radical. While modest in public, I am radically commited and amazed by benefits that weren't ever mentioned in any breastfeeding class or book.  The sacrifices of food, time, my body, sometimes sanity and SLEEP have all been a drop in the bucket for the bonding and baby fat payoff. It is free.  There are no dishes.  There is very little prep/clean up.  Breastfeeding has helped me drop all but 10 lbs at month 3.  It is really pretty stinking awesome.. like I said .. I have gone radical. It also forces me to stop everything I am doing and look into my son's precious eyes many times a day.  It is so easy to be preoccupied that I need that constant reminder.   


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