Breastfeeding Tips

Feeling frazzled trying to breastfeed? You're not alone. Review our tips for success. The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be very challenging for a new mom. Here are a few tips to help you succeed:

* Choose a comfortable place to nurse. Sit back, rest your head and neck, and use a foot rest to enhance your comfort. Comfort is key since you will be in this position for some time.

* Have a glass of water handy and any other item that you may need during this time such as a snack, telephone, or magazine.

* Use a nursing pillow or regular pillow to help position your baby.

* Place your baby in the desired breastfeeding position BEFORE attempting to latch your baby to your breast.

* Make sure that your baby is comfortable in this position.

*When enticing your baby to open his/her mouth, move your nipple from an up-to-down position, stimulating your baby from the nose down to the chin.

* Place some manually expressed breastmilk (or formula if no breastmilk is available) directly onto your nipple to help entice your baby to latch.

* For a sleepy baby, try waking your baby by: Read More: Breastfeeding Tips


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