breastfeeding a toddler

This is what I love about breastfeeding Mummies and well breastfeeding in general. No matter how much training you have..... a situation will come up where you need some help...... and you are not afraid to ask for it!!!

I got an email from Courtney, our Lactation Educator here at Mummies Nummies. Here is her situation:

Hey! Ok, so the educator needs a teacher:) I have a nursing question. "Squish" (oldest son) never nursed, he just took bottles that I pumped so I never had to address the "problem" of nursing a child with teeth. "Bear" (current Nummie Lover) is still going strong, which I couldn't be happier about, except that it's starting to hurt. He isn't biting me, but it hurts while he's nursing and I have teeth marks when he's done. It could be the way he's latched, but in my line of work I deal with newborns so I haven't addressed a lot of toddler latch issues. Have you had this problem, and if so is there a way to fix it? Or do we just grin and bear is, as mothers do with so many other things:)





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