World Breastfeeding Week: Tips for Breastfeeding at Walt Disney World

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I had a huge concern when planning for our family trip. How would I possibly be able to haul around my four-month-old breastfeeding baby to four Disney parks? I was very happy to read that each park had a baby area where there was a designated room for nursing mothers.

I quickly figured out that one designated area for breastfeeding in an entire park was NOT enough. Does anyone realize how hard it is to drag your very hungry baby clear across a crowded amusement park, sweat dripping down your back quicker than you can say Mickey Mouse?!

I had to get creative. It was too hot to nurse outside or in the lines and too crowded and just gross to use the restrooms. That left me one choice...the rides and attractions.

Here's my list of rides and attractions I successfully and discreetly breastfed on in each Disney Park. Note that there are many rides I didn't get to ride and many shows I didn't get to see at each park that may be equally breastfeeding friendly and not on the list.

Breastfeeding in DisneyThe Magic Kingdom

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dark, air conditioned, indoor water ride. I sat in the front row with my husband. I recommend having someone hold onto you, there's a slight hill that scared the stew out of me because I didn't know it was coming. Baby nursed happily through it.
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover: Easy going, nice and breezy indoor and outdoor. Nice and long, plenty of time to nurse. Only warning I have is the moving platform to get on and off so have someone to help if needed.
  • Carousel of Progress: Indoor, air conditioned. Theater style seating so you could sit in the back. The music is loud at times but didn't seem to bother my baby.


  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends: air conditioned, indoor, slow moving. Very short ride on moving platform (get help boarding). This would be best for a cool down comfort nursing session due to the short period of time.
  • The American Adventure: 30 min. Indoor show, air conditioned.

Animal Kingdom

  • There were no attractions I could discreetly breastfeed on but there were plenty of benches and shady areas. I breastfed discreetly on a patio next to a restaurant several times and in a shaded nook next to some pastry stands. We went early in the morning so that it wasn’t too hot to do so outdoors.

Hollywood Studios

  • The Great Movie Ride: Slow moving, indoor, air conditioned. The sound is loud at times but it’s long enough for a good feeding if your baby isn’t bothered by the noise. I balled up a blanket and placed it over the speaker with my knee to help a little.
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid: Indoor, air conditioned, show. Try to go to the doors to the left for the back row seating.
  • Walt Disney, One Man’s Dream: Indoor, air conditioned, show. We did this two times during the day. It was the perfect setting for breastfeeding. Long movie in a movie theater style room. Not too many people went either time so it was perfect. I sat in the far back row that’s tucked against the wall next to the entry doors.

Photo Credit: Mandy W, nursing in Disney in 2005.

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