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BlogHer and Bridgestone asked 8 bloggers to share personal stories of their own busy, multi-tasking lifestyles and what in their life they most rely on to “keep it all together.” Check out their posts and learn how you could win a set of Bridgestone tires to keep you moving.

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Keeping it All Together

There's this idea in our society that if we, as parents, just try hard enough, or read enough articles, or poll all the moms we know, that we'll figure it out - how to do it all, how to keep all the plates in the air. This idea is based on some common misunderstanding that what we're already doing isn't enough. We observe others that we deem "similar" to ourselves and collect a database of all the things that we think we should be doing. ...more

Teaching Kids Responsibility (while making your life easier!)

Our family has been extremely busy. Hubby and I are self-employed and still in the building phase of our businesses. That means a lot of extra hours. Add that to a super fun summer bucket list begging to be used, and we don't have much time (or energy) for family chores. We've been giving the kids more and more responsibility in our daily chores. Of course, teaching the kids responsibility is awesome, but it also helps us out a ton. (Win win!)...more

Keeping it All Together

I don’t share a ton about our family outside of sharing our crafts and sometimes the awesome adventures we go on. One thing about me is that as much as I try I am not the most organized person naturally. I have to work (HARD) to keep us all going in the same direction. ...more

Keeping It All Together

I think most of us moms (and non-moms) are all so busy these days. We are great multitaskers. Sometimes I can't believe how many things I seem to juggle in a day or week. The last few months, I have juggled more than ever. Besides being mom 24/7, I cook our meals, do the laundry, clean the house, grocery shop, drive us to Speech therapy a few times a week, work part-time, blog, am active on several committees at church, teach preschool choir and AWANA and help with women's ministry. ...more

Keeping it together during the summer craziness

Our life is chaos right now. You won't hear me complaining though, because I love every minute of it! Well, maybe not every minute... but most of them. It's summer vacation, so our kids are out of school. We're running a Kickstarter campaign. We're still dealing with Max's long-term mystery illness. We're planning a five-month adventure to Europe in November and our renters move into our house in September. So we're selling a ton of stuff and packing the rest....more

Summer Sanity Savers: How to Relax More & Freak Out Less

I was so excited to say hello to summer break this year; no homework, no chasing down the school bus because your kids think hurry means go as slowly as humanely possible, no running to school in your jammie pants because your kid forgot his bag lunch and the bus for the field trip is leaving at, never mind, it left already, and now you’re driving to the museum in your jammie pants....more

How I Stay Balanced & Organized

7 years ago I had no idea or intention for Today's Creative Blog to become my full-time living. It was just a fun way for me to share some of my favorite creative bloggers with you. I was a busy mom teaching 15 fitness classes and 8 corporate fitness/injury prevention classes each week, and helping out in my son's classroom a couple of times a week, as well as being very active in the PTA. I had a passion for creative living, decorating my home, scrapbooking and crafting. ...more

Take Our Stuff Out To The Ball Game

I have spent a majority of the last two months at the baseball field with my six-year-old son. He plays on a team and Tuesday is practice and Saturday is game day. We love it, it is so great for him to spend time with his friends and stay active. However, I do not love trying to round up all the gear that seems to migrate all over the house twice a week when we are trying to get out the door....more