Bright Lights, Big Exclusion

Advertising Exclusion in VirginiaSunday morning. Wet and gray. Curving around the city of Richmond on 64, heading west, I caught the warning, in LED. The billboard read: “Obama supports Gay Marriage & Abortion.”

Then it solicits my opinion, “Do You?”

I quickly scanned to see who was sponsoring such well-lit hate on my Sunday morning. Good morning to you, Republican Union.

Unified against equal rights for marriage and freedom of reproductive choice.

I’m struggling, I’ll tell you.

Unified against who can marry who.

Unified against allowing all the legal right to choose family.

Unified against your personal liberty if your choices don’t look like mine.

Lit up in Red, White and Blue: I get rights, but not You!

It’s a timeless tale that our humanity keeps living over and over again: I belong and you don’t. I cannot think of a more destructive, divisive, and damaging mentality. And, the thing is, we have lived it so many times before. So many times in our history we have had to divert tremendous amounts of resources to cleaning up the mess created by policies of marginalization and exclusion.

Did you hear that? The clean up is expensive: Financially, socially, and morally!

What I know for sure is that everybody in our community loses when some of us light up our streets with signs declaring that your rights are not valid here.

Well, Republican Union, I reject your premise.

I believe in equal rights for all.

I am Virginian.

I vote!


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