#Bring Back Our Humanitarianism

I am not ready to let it go.  

As a blogger sometimes I pick up topics that are hot in the news or that simply piss the hell out of me and write about them and work them out of my system.  However, this situation in Nogales just lingers.  Just yesterday a fellow blogger from Montana shared a simple comment after reading a post about Nogales on my blog, Believing, she simply wrote -Now I know.-  

I can't stop myself from thinking and drilling myself with questions, being the biggest one, why.

Why do we feel the need to pretend things are okay when they are not?

Why do we feel the need to confirm other people's doings when they are so clearly wrong?

Why do we shrug off things as racism, injustice, selfishness, and so many other as  if they weren't important?

Why do we feel that it's our duty to stand up for those very far away from our borders when within them so much injustice lies lurking underneath?

It amazes and outrages me a bit, how so many public figures, celebrities even Michelle Obama stood with the poster in front of them, #bringbackthegirls, however nobody speaks of the children and young men in Nogales. We should all pose with selfies that state #Bringbackhumanitarianism

So many question, so few answers.

Many of these questions are rhetorical in a sense.  Their answers lie in our conscious for only us to answer.

young man

Young men at Nogales Border Patrol Facility Center

Whoever has taken a moment to study our vast world's history knows that forms of government and laws have been around for way to long.  Hammurabi's Code set the example for all civilizations who emerged afterwards to have some sort of rules that will would help people leave peacefully among themselves.

A nation that is still very young in so many ways,  don't you think can learn a thing or two from the errors of past empires and nations?

The troubles we face are burden on our shoulders.  

As a nation we have overcome many difficulties and rough patches, we're not totally there, but hell some great men and women have made outstanding progress.  We have overcome poverty (The Great Depression), segregation and racisms (Civil Rights Movements),  Equality (advancement of women's rights)   and I could go on.  As a reader you could probably fill out a lot more, but the point is, don't we still have room for improvement. 

Don't Americans come together united for any cause they may seem worthy beyond our borders, now take a minute to think about finding that same sentiment for a cause within them.

I can't seem to brush off the images of those children that looked like puppies in a pound.  I can't let it go, it's going to take time for those images to go away if they ever will.

So you see, "mis queridos amigos", our world and our life would be so much better if we raised our heads instead of burying it in the sand, if we raised our voice instead of complying in silence, and if we raised our hands in victory  instead of letting them fall in defeat.  Please, let your heart warm towards these children in Nogales and find in your heart warmth and compassion to help them find their way home.  Become their voices and let others know creating awareness of this horrible situation.  This is probably the only way we are going to make our government take an affirmative action to solve the problem. 


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