Bring Joy Back to the Bedroom

Is boredom creeping in to your bedroom?  When sex becomes unfulfilling for one or both partners, it could negatively affect your relationship.  What can you do to improve your sex life?  Here are some tips to kick boredom out of the bedroom.

Communication:  Open communication is absolutely key to a better sex life.  Effective communication can be difficult at times.  Try to not sound as if you are attacking or harshly criticizng your partner.  compliment your partner's action, but also add some gentle suggestions.  For example you could say, "I love how you touch my breasts, but what really gets me turned on is when you touch my clit this way."  When your partner is touching you na way that really turns you on,  acknowledge it by becoming more erotically vocal.  For example, say "Oh babe, that feels so good."

Foreplay:  Foreplay consists of kissing, fondling, and oral sex.  Having a great sex life is more than just having good sexual intercourse.  That is a small piece of the puzzle.  Take time to enjoy each other.  If you jump right into the sexual intercourse part, that can definitely get boring after a while.  while some women can have an orgasm during sexual intercourse, most women need extra stimulation. In addition to that, you want to take time to enjoy one another.  Sometimes, an intense make out session can be more fulfilling that sexual intercourse alone.  Foreplay helps build the excitement.  When you take time to touch one another, perform oral on one another, your partner will get so turned on that when you get to the actual intercourse part, your orgasms will be even more intense.

Add a sex toy to your bedroom fun.  This may be uncomfortable in the beginning for some couples, but using a sex toy in the bedroom can be an extreme turn on.  A vibrator does not have to be about one person masturbating alone. It can be a huge turn on watching your partner masturbate with a vibrator.  Also, there are specific sex toys for couples that you can use during intercourse. For example, there are vibrating cock rings that fit around the base of the penis, and have clitoral and/or anal stimulators for her pleasure.  Or, a vibrator can be held against her clit during intercourse which provides that extra stimulation.


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