Bring on the New Year!!!!

This is my favorite time of year.  The New Year feels like the slate has been wiped clean, as if the previous year doesn’t really matter anymore.  All that matters now is what comes next.


Obviously there is no way to know what the future holds, but it is does feel great to make projections with good intentions to follow through.


I have noticed that many people have themes for the up coming year.  For example, Natalie MacNeil has chosen “limitless” for 2014.  Carin Kilby Clark’s year will be “epic.”



What is my theme for 2014?



This year, my focus will be self-improvement, growth, happiness, and self-reflection.  I want my blog to grow; I want a different job; and I want to figure out where grad-school will take me.  I want to travel; but mostly, I want to figure out who I am in this big ole’ world.

What is your theme for 2014?  Are you also feeling like this year is all about rebirth and growth?







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