Bringing Soup Into Summer: Southwestern Gazpacho

I love, love, LOVE a bowl of icy, cool Gazpacho in the summer.  When it’s miserably hot out, there’s nothing finer.  I hadn’t made Gazpacho in ages, though, but after having a delicious bowl of a Southwestern inspired Gazpacho on a recent trip to Michigan, I’d been craving another bowl.  I didn’t get up the nerve to ask for the recipe when I was at the restaurant, so I decided to play around with a regular Gazpacho recipe.  The result was fantastic.  In fact, my husband told me it’s the best Gazpacho I’ve ever made.  So, I guess this is my new go-to Gazpacho recipe!

The soup I had at the restaurant was filled with chunks of fresh veggies, plus had black beans, corn and just a little bit of spice.  I had wanted to try Ina Garten’s Gazpacho recipe for a while, because I saw her make it on TV and it just looked really yummy.  I figured I could easily tweak it…so I did!

For more information, and the recipe, please continue to Chew Nibble Nosh!

Southwestern Gazpacho