Bristol Palin Not More Eloquent than Mom: Tells GMA Virginity was "Stolen"

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[Editor's Note: It's a sick world when there's a story about Levi Johnston and I have to care, but sometimes...the craziness gets so crazy, I can't help but look.  What do you guys think of the Bristol 2011 Tour of Wholesomeness?  Aren't book tours fun!!!? --Morgan]

Bristol Palin has been making the media rounds to promote her new memoir, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far and here at Lovelyish, we can't get enough of it. Her latest bombshell? Telling Good Morning America that Levi Johnston "stole" her virginity.


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The interview opens with Robin Roberts asking Bristol to clarify her comments in the book that she didn't "lose" her virginity; it was stolen. Bristol's response:

"That’s what it felt like. I’m not accusing Levi of date rape or rape at all, but I am just looking back with the adult eyes that I have now and just thinking, ‘That was a foolish decision. I should have never been underage drinking and I should have never gotten myself into a situation like that.’ ”


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