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Gooooooood morning all! I am really loving blogging… the actual blogging and getting to know the blogging community.  I’ve read a lot of great health blogs, and I am really enjoying reading KERF.  Since I get asked a lot by clients, friends and family members what I eat during the day, I thought documenting my daily eats would be a fun way to blog and hopefully be informative too. So, here goes. Today I’ll be posting what I eat. Hopefully you’ll like reading it and maybe find a yummy new food to try along the way :)


Breakfast this morning was fairly typical for me.  I always keep chopped up veggies in the fridge for a variety of uses. This morning I threw a handful of green bell peppers and onions into a hot pan.  Once they had cooked enough to soften up, I added 2 egg whites.  Once everything was scrambled thoroughly (I strongly dislike any runniness to my eggs… sometime that leads me to overcook them, but I’m OK with that :) ), I topped it off with Jack’s Salsa.  To that, I added a bunch of grapes and a 1/2 an Arnold’s Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin topped with 1 tbsp of PB & Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Natural Peanut Butter.  This is a new product I just picked up and I love it!  Read more about it here.  The only variety left at my grocery store was the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, which is delicious, but I can’t wait to find and try their Dark Chocolate Dreams.  I plan on eating a spoonful of it for dessert… YUMM.

I also enjoyed my morning cup ‘o joe… I am a new coffee drinker.  I was never into it until a couple months ago when Hubs and I moved into our new house.  We were up early working on the house and moving, and I became addicted.  I add a tbsp or 2 of International Delight Skinny Vanilla Latte (I used to use Coffee Mate until I looked at the list of ingredients… I know the amount of transfat is ‘negligible’ … but I don’t want ANY in my coffee!)

I entered everything into 411fit and I’m 282 calories.  I’m not a big calorie counter (anymore), but it’s fun to enter it sometimes just to see where I’m at :) That’s all for now… see you at lunch!



Before I got to lunch I had a mid-morning snack of my beloved Chobani.  I really am a big believer in not letting more than 3-4 hours go by without eating.  It helps my energy levels and keeps me from being starving when the next meals rolls around.  If 3 meals a day works for you, super, but if not, I’d recommend the snacks in between!

After doing some work and squeezing in a 45 minute walk-jog with K-diz, it was time for lunch! By the way, walk-jogs are the closest I’ve ever come to running. I long to be a runner. I am envious of people when I see facebook updates that say ‘just got back from a 5 mile run! feels great!’.  If you have any secrets to running, please share. I feel there is a giant secret that makes running fun and easy, and no one will share it with me.


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