Broken 4 You

             I was in the car and I was listening to one of my son's CD's. It's this guy named KB and he is a part of the 116 Click that the Lord has raised up through Lecrae. Awesome Christian rapper's, totally preaches and brings the word, the truth. Thankful for them. I was listening to this song where KB had gotten some letters from some of his listeners and he was burdened by them. Called the guys together to come and pray over them and for them. The song he wrote on behalf of all these letter were two specific story's, but those stories really covered a range of where many people struggle. I'm listening to this song and he is reading this letter from a girl who struggles with having desires for same sex relationships, feelings of being ugly, porn, and just many things. I just start crying, I'm broken on her behalf. She has clearly tried to fight this thing on her own, she has even tried to lean on the church body for guidance and help. Only for them to shut her down, because they don't want to deal with it. That... in and of itself just breaks my heart.

              What I see is this girl, who is clearly trying to do the Lords will. She is even saying in her letter I know this isn't God, I know this is a lie I'm believing in, with the world screaming to me... it’s okay and what my flesh is telling me I want. I love God and I don't want to succumb to this, I want to resist the devil and submit to God. I see her just fighting and I'm crying. I think to myself, that's what I want to be a part of. Those are the people I want to help. The people who are trapped with themselves with the prison of lies that surround them. I want to help them break free. I want to help these people fight. I want to come alongside them helping them battle and fight for the truth. To fight for their relationship with God amongst the war that wages within us and around us. I want to meet the girl/man who struggles with their sexuality on the front lines of their life and join hands with them helping them fight the lies that so easily try to trap and entangle us. I want to join hands with the woman/man who think and have believed the lie that sex outside of marriage is okay because of the times we live in, regardless of the sex their attracted too. I want to join hands with the woman who believes having an affair on her husband, is the only answer. The same with the husband cheating on his wife. I want to come alongside the girl/boy who doubts himself because of the earthly father that didn't do his part and wasn't the father God intended him to be. I want to do the same for the sons/daughter whose mothers where not there for them, the way God intended her to be. I want to hold the mother who lost her children in my arms and tell her God is for her. These are the people, that God has broken me to be able to see as he sees them. He loves them and wants them to surrender their life to Him and be set free. He is so good! 

             These are the people the Lord has broken me for. Just as His body was broken on the cross for us. We must allow Him to break us so that we can see others through their eyes. Be broken for others because He was broken for us. He was broken to set us free. Free from the lies that surrounded us. Free from the things that happened to us. Free from the things we had become without God, because God created us to be FREE!



            Father, thank you for breaking my heart for all of those that you love. Forgive the people who refuse to see them as you do. Forgive them and help them to see as you see. You love all people and nothing we can ever do or say can or will change your love. But, you still have a will and design for us all to obey and abide in. Help use to surrender to your will for our lives in all things, not just in some. Your way is perfect, help us to have surrendered hearts today. In Jesus name I pray.... Amen

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