Broken Skull Challenge!!!

How many of you have heard of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge? Well, if you haven't, here's how it works.

Eight people comes to Steve's ranch and participate in a series of challenges. Some of the most exhausting and physical challenges that you'll ever see.  They must compete against each other, one on one. There are three rounds in total. Each person that does not make it, is eliminated from the competition and must leave the ranch. The person that wins that round, goes on to compete  in the next round. This goes on, until two are left standing. Then, they must compete in to the ultimate round, to see which one will win and go to face the biggest challenge of them all. THE SKULL BUSTER!!!!

And it's just what it sounds like! This, has got to be one of the most difficult and body breaking challenges known to mankind! It's crazy! I've never seen anything like it. They've first got to carry a thiry pound log for a quarter mile, until they reach the Shredder. A stage where wood is covered in skin shredding bobwire and they must crawl underneath it. To restart elements, where if they fall and touch the ground, they must start over.

And it goes on, through thirty five degree water to Heartbreak hill! And it after it's all done, they must climb a rope that is about seventeen feet long and ring a bell.

It's hard to imagine what they're going through, but the best part is, if they beat the Skull buster, they will win $10,000!

But, man do I love this show! It's just great! And it comes on Sundays on the CMT  Network! It's fascinating to watch. You'll cringe, you'll be on the edge of your seat, you'll sometimes look in horror and they do impossibly painful things to each other, but it's a great show to watch!

If you're interested, you can watch tonight on CMT. Check you listings!!!


By the way, Mom and I absolutely love Steve!!! And he's very cool and Great to look at!!! :) 

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