Brooklyn, NY

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One month ago Tim and I were in NYC.  We only had two days to spend in the city this time, and I was so determined to see some of Brooklyn that we booked a little apartment right near the Brooklyn Bridge.  It ended up being the best of both worlds - we enjoyed the bustle and noise of Manhattan for as long as we could stand it, and then came home to humming little Brooklyn to rest our eyes.

I would live here in a heartbeat.

When you're in Brooklyn it's hard to not turn your head to the incredible lights and skyscrapers of Manhattan.  It's funny how you have to leave the city to really see the city.  

It's only been a month, but so much has changed since Hurricane Sandy blew through here.  I look at the people in my photos and wonder what they've been through in the past week.  I look at photos of this same skyline in the news and see that so much of it is in darkness.

It's been hard, really hard, to watch this disaster unfold from the other side of the world. Perhaps it's made worse by the fact that our memories are still so fresh.


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