Brown Butter Rice Krispies Treats

Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats

I don't think anyone ever outgrows their favorite childhood treats, especially those classic Rice Krispies Treats! Whoever thought of melting marshmallows with butter and mixing it with Rice Krispies cereal was a genius. They turned a pretty bland cereal (you definitely need at least half a cup of sugar on this stuff, in my opinion) into a wonderful gooey, sugary, chewy, crispy masterpiece! I'm pretty sure at least 90% of the Rice Krispies cereal that is purchased from grocery stores is used for the sole purpose of making these marshmallowy blocks of amazingness.

While the classic recipe never gets old, I decided to fancify (definitely a real word in my book) the Rice Krispie Treat a little. One simple step that I came across on Smitten Kitchen was browning the butter. Of course!!! Why didn't I think of that before? That would add a wonderful caramelized and nutty flavor.

I couldn't stop there. Why not add chocolate? This is the question I ask myself every day, whether it's when I'm baking cakes, cookies, ice cream, tacos--did I say tacos?

Annnnyway, since white chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate (I know it's not actually classified as chocolate--it's still damn good!), I decided to spread some of that white chocolate love all over the Rice Krispies Treats.

Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats

I decided to stop my fancification (still a word to me) there since the point of the Rice Krispies Treat is it's simplicity in ingredients and steps. And sometimes all it takes is just a couple of changes to give your taste buds a whole new experience.

The creamy vanilla flavor from the white chocolate pairs really well with the nuttiness of the brown butter.

Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats

You can definitely never go wrong with the original recipe, but why not be a little adventurous for once? Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats

For the recipe as well as step-by-step instructions, click on over to A baJillian Recipes!


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