Gluten-Free Browned Butter Banana Streusel Cake

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[Editor's Note: I've made only small forays into the realm of baking gluten-free treats, and though I've met with success each time, I've never tried a recipe that sold me on ditching gluten for the alternative options. (I recognize I'm lucky enough to be able to eat in both worlds...) This recipe, though, with its browned butter and caramel sauce, might be enough to convert me. It takes regular old banana cake and elevates it to something that sounds incredible. Watch out—I might just be spotted buying gluten-free baking mix in the grocery store next time I go! --Genie]

Browned Butter Banana Streusel Cake (Gluten-free!)

What can I say. This cake. This … this monster of a cake. It was so good, I couldn’t believe I was the one who made it. I made my husband take a bite, anxious to see if he could detect anything different. He promptly pronounced it fishy. But not that kind of fishy. His two words to me: “Holy mackerel.” Then he followed that with, “Do we have any ice cream to put on top?” This from a man who does not like sweets and would rather have a cheese platter for dessert instead of cake.

Banana Streusel Cake

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