Brownies and Bling


We’re having a bit of a cool spell so I thought I’d bake a batch of brownies before the heat arrives again. Brownies are a perfect stand alone dessert, but from time to time I refuse to leave well enough alone. These brownies are from a box (don’t throw tomatoes at me please) but they received the royal treatment.

I lined a 9x13 pan with foil and made sure there was overhang on the sides for easy removal. This size pan yielded the perfect thickness for cutting rounds from the baked batch. My intent was to use a three inch round cookie cutter but I didn’t have one so I used the lid from a mason jar instead. It worked like a charm. From the 9x13 pan I cut 12 circles and placed them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. After an overnight stint in the fridge they were ready for the next step.

This nifty circle pan is great for molding as well as baking. Starting off I spritzed a couple of sections with non stick spray which was unnecessary because it’s a nonstick pan, DUH. Placing the crispier side up I molded the brownies into the cavity with my tart tamper. Don’t you just love multi-use tools! The whole pan was covered with foil and placed into the fridge to chill once again. This helped to retain their shape for the next step.

wine and brownies

While the brownie cups were chilling I whipped up a creamy bowl of no bake cheesecake filling (a mix again) and started to gather my toppings. The easiest way to fill the brownie molds with the cheesecake is via a piping bag and I used the largest size I had. The three toppings here are, chopped oranges with chocolate shavings, mixed berry puree sprinkled with coconut and chopped walnuts with a drizzle of caramel sauce. Granted there are a few extra steps involved but they are worth it.

Using boxed mixes isn’t the healthiest option but it’s good to have options. Baking a batch of brownies or a simple layer cake from a mix when the temps are cooler can be a lifesaver when you need or want a dessert and it’s hotter than a biscuit outside. I decided to set a quick buffet able and used the brownies as the centerpiece. The details of the table décor is are here.



Starting with something plain lends itself to being adaptable to a myriad of tastes and seasonal treats. You’re going to love what you can do with these. Let me know what other toppings and fillings you’d use, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the table at Around My Table.


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