Brunch Menu: Blue Cheese Scrambled Eggs, Lemon-Raspberry Muffins & Grapefruit-Carrot Juice

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord

Welcome to the second in my new series – Brunch Menu of the Week! As I explained before (sorry if I’m repeating myself), every Friday I will offer a few suggestions for delicious dishes for your weekend brunch table – from my blog and from others. I am also very happily soliciting requests and ideas, so if you’ve got inspiration but you’re not quite sure what to do with it, share it here and we can fashion something delicious together. Just leave a comment below.

Last week’s avocado-based brunch was pretty healthy… So this week calls for a little decadence. And that decadence comes in the form of silky, slow-cooked scrambled eggs, finished with blue cheese and, if you’re really going for it, a little dollop of mascarpone. Thanks to Lee for the inspiration for this one.

The mascarpone I used was homemade – one of the most satisfying things you can do with some cream and a lemon – and this had a looser texture than the stuff you buy in the shops. If you’re using shop-bought, I suggest you beat it a little beforehand to break down the set structure and make it softer and more dollopable (that is definitely a word!). Or, you could substitute a drizzle of double cream and serve your scrambled eggs in the French style. Both ways are outrageously yummy.

If you do choose mascarpone, the heat from the eggs will melt it a little and it will run in creamy rivulets. Mmmmmm, creamy rivulets…

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord

I am very happy to tell you that this recipe offers the opportunity to showcase an interesting Swedish cheese. Now I must confess that in the past, the words “interesting”, “Swedish” and “cheese” would not have easily made it into a sentence I uttered, but I am cheerfully rectifying that. On the hunt for unique ingredients for my day job – chef at The Artisan Pizzeria in Stockholm – I have been researching Swedish cheese. It turns out that there are quite a few hand-crafted, unpasteurised cheeses available here that never make it past these shores. All waiting for me to explore. Who knew?

So these scrambled eggs are accented with such a cheese – Oviken Magna, blue cow milk cheese made in Jämtland, mid-Sweden, by a farmer couple who are dedicated to their craft.

Now eggs are one of the things that fascinate me the most about cooking. A basic, universal ingredient eaten by innumerable nations (unless you’re vegan). Yet there are so very many ways to prepare eggs. And so many more variations within those methods of cooking them. I cook eggs at least five times a week, yet I’m not at all sure they’ve turned out exactly the same any of the hundreds of times in my life that they have graced my plate. You can tweak the edges, and boy do I encourage you to do so, because the possibility for variation is infinite.

So it is with multiple experiments that I have concluded that soft is how I want my scrambled eggs. I spent the first two thirds of my life completely unable to eat an egg yolk, in any form, so it is one of the greatest developments of my palate that I have grown to like not only yolks, but also to eat my eggs as barely cooked as possible. Definitely now raw, but soft – moist, creamy, satiny…

I once read an impassioned treatise on scrambled eggs by Nigel Slater – one of my absolute, long-term, food heroes. He insisted that you have everyone seated at the table before even thinking about starting the eggs – scrambled eggs wait for no woman.

I agree.

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord

Click here to see the fully formatted, printable recipe.

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord

Today’s brunch drink, Ruby Grapefruit & Carrot Juice, is a little less naughty than the eggs. In fact, it contains red grapefruit which has uniquely positive effects on cholesterol (amongst many other health benefits). This drink was my first ever recipe post on this blog (so the photography may be a little lacking!) and I will direct you to that post, rather than repeat myself here. You will also get to enjoy a slightly earlier version of my blog design (bet you can’t wait!).

For my final suggestion of the week, I turn to the blogosphere and present to you, from 100 Days of Real FoodWhole Grain Raspberry-Lemon Muffins. I saw many different recipes for such a muffin available online (the raspberry and lemon flavours work really well with the other dishes in this menu), but I have chosen this one because it uses whole grain flour and has many positive reviews. If you’re dolloping mascarpone on your eggs, I think whole grains are in order.

Last, but definitely not least, thanks very much to Sherry Ann for her email request to see some kind of sauce, dip or dressing in the brunch menu. It didn’t make it into this week’s menu, but next week it’ll be the star!





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