Mainstream media finally exposed what I’ve been saying for years: Diet pills and plans are aggressively marketed scams. Frank Bruni, columnist for The New York Times  just wrote a controversial article entitled, “Diet Lures and Diet Lies.” Bruni, was very candid about his own experiences with weight loss pills. He too had been taken in. As he puts it, “I know better. We all do.”

Bruni makes the point that while the media is covering problems associated with the fast-food, snack-food and soft drink industries as evidenced by documentaries like Food Inc., Fast Food Nation and Fed Up the media also should expose the “aggressively marketed pills, products and plans that fail to make us any thinner, despite their lavish promises and the money we plunk down.”  Here at we couldn’t agree more.

And the biggest trumpeter of diet fads and weight loss fixes? Dr. Oz of course. As Bruni says:

With a shameless vocabulary of “magic,” “miracle” and “revolutionary,” he (Oz) has showcased or outright validated HCG hormone shotsgreen coffee bean supplementsraspberry ketone supplements and more. He told viewers: “I’m going to show you how you can get fat to eat itself right out of your body.”

Americans spend an estimated $60.9 billion per year on diet and weight loss schemes that don’t work. While we all wish there was an easy, quick way to lose weight the evidence is clear that diets don’t work. In my over 20 years as a Registered Dietitian and Psychologist, I’ve found what works best for weight loss is a combination of Self-Compassion Therapy, positive weight management practices and nutrition knowledge… not diets! Self-Compassion Therapy empowers women. Diets disempower women.

Bravo Bruni for telling the truth about diet lies and supplement scams. But that’s just the first step. We need to break women from their media imposed diet addiction with knowledge, compassion and healthy weight management techniques so we can lose weight safely naturally and healthfully. Which is why I created