Brush Review: Gifty's Professional Brush Set

Last year, I got the opportunity to review one of the very few Nigerian professional makeup brush sets available. It was my very first sponsored review and I was really excited about it.


The brushes were couried to my office and loving surprises, I was thriled to return from a meeting to find them waiting for me. 

I really love that the brush belt has a flap, this means that regarless of how i fold my brush belt and put in a carrier bag, there is no danger of them scattering everywhere and even losing shape as is often the case.

The brand name is embossed on the flap cover and not boldly written across the brush belt like some others are. This gives it a touch of class and elegance. me likey. Each of the brushes also has this written on them.


Please read the rest of my review via this link Gifty's Professional Brush set